About Us

Lille Løve is an artisan children’s quilt company founded by Copenhagen-based Londoner, Alexandra Bailie.

Alex grew up watching her grandmother sew and witnessed first hand the magic of creating something beautiful from fabric old and new. Inspired by her tight-knit, multi-generational family in South London and the comforting cool of Scandinavian design, Lille Løve quilts are playful, simple and timeless.

The inspiration for Lille Løve comes from cosy childhood memories of reading under a bundle of quilts and blankets. From the safety of our own home, we take to the roof tops of Oxford with Lyra and Pan, play in the Hundred Acre Wood with Pooh and Piglet, and weep with the March sisters. Quilts, much like stories, are meant to pass from generation to generation. To provide comfort, and joy, and protection.

When Alex’s mum gave her original copies of the Beatrix Potter books, she fell in love with the pastel colours. The peaches, pinks and greens took form as the first quilt in the collection, named for and gifted to her niece, Lei.

“Lille Løve" is about welcoming a new “Little Lion” to the pride. Knowing that families come in all shapes and sizes but all believe in giving their cub the best possible start in life.

We are with you for the journey. Ethically sourced, lovingly made, each unique in its imperfections.

No better gift for expecting friends or family.